You have ability trigger or automatically trigger on new record save an external API call to a 3rd party service using the record data. In Action type select "Execute php script":

To get a value from the current record, use the [field id], for example:

$name = [272];
$est_time = [277];

If you need to  save the returned data to the fields on the record, then you can do it via mysql query, for example:

db_query("update app_entity_28 set field_277='100' where id={$item_id}");

$item_id - is current item ID that updated during process action run.


To update fields like Status and apply email rules after update use internal function items::update_by_id($entity_id, $item_id, $data)

See full example bellow

$entity_id = 21; //get entity ID
$item_id = [id]; //get current item ID

//prepare data to update
$data = [
  'field_157' => 38, //change status
  'created_by' => 20 //change created user

//run item update by id

Insert Record

To insert record use internal function items::insert($entity_id, $data)

$entity_id = 22; //get entity ID

//prepare data to insert
$data = [
  'field_167' => '45,42',
  'field_168' => 'New Task 3', //item name
  'field_169' => 47,
  'created_by' => 1 

//run item insert action


To delete record use next function items::delete($entities_id, $items_id)

$entities_id = 21;
$items_id = 3;
items::delete($entities_id, $items_id);

Display custom message

  $alerts->add("Can't connect to service","error");