Integration with file storage services is implemented using special field types. Each service has its own special field with the necessary settings. This approach gives you the opportunity to use a separate file storage service account for each entity.

The maximum upload file size depends on your server settings, as the file is first uploaded to the temporary folder uploads/file_storage/ on your server. To increase the size of the downloaded file, you need to change the server settings.

After uploading the file to your server, the file will be immediately moved to the file storage service and deleted from the temporary folder. This operation will take some time. Wait for the “Completed” response in the app.

Information about the downloaded file in the app is stored in the app_file_storage table. When you delete an record in the app, the downloaded files will also be deleted in the file storage service.

Each service has its own connection settings. For details, see the page of your chosen service.