If you need to keep track of work deadlines from different entities, the Pivot Calendar report will help you with this. This report allows you to combine data from multiple entities into a single calendar.

The report is created in two stages:

  • Step 1: create a report with general settings for the calendar.
  • Step 2: bind entities to the report and set up filters for records.

To create a report, go to the "Extension-Calendar-Pivot Calendar" menu. 

In the calendar form, you configure the view and view modes, as well as access to the calendar.

After creating the report, click on the name to go to the "Entities" page. Bind entities to the calendar.

To bind an entity to a calendar, the entity must have the "start date" and "end date" fields that are used to display data in the calendar (you can use one date field for Start/End dates). Also, each entity has a background color that can be used to visually separate the data.

By clicking on the name of the associated entity, you can set up filters for the entries that will be displayed in the calendar.

See our video review for an example of setting up a pivot calendar: