New feature for version 3.0

When it comes to entering data in complex forms where data is split into multiple tabs, it is often necessary to fill in the data sequentially. In this way, users fill out the form step by step and make fewer inattention mistakes.

You can enable step-by-step form filling on the "Form Configuration" page:

In the dialog box, activate the "Form Wizard" option:

If Form Wizard is activated:

  1. The user will be able to switch between tabs using the "Next/Previous" buttons.
  2. When switching tabs, the data entry on the current tab is checked.
  3. The "Save" button is displayed on the last tab.

By enabling the "Display progress bar" option, a visual scale of filling out the form is displayed in the form.

Please note: the Form Wizard option is only used when adding a new record. When editing a record, a standard form opens.

In public forms and during public user registration, the Form Wizard feature will be automatically applied if it is enabled for the entity.

In the Automate Actions, a separate setting is provided in the process form: