In Rukovoditel assigned users are notified about new entries, new comments, etc. read more.

By default option “Use email notification” is enabled and on the page “Email Options” you have the possibility to setup options for sending emails.

If the function to send mail is configured on your server, then to send messages no other settings needed.

But very often web servers have their own restrictions and rules for sending emails. Let’s look at them.

The sender must be address based on your domain

To protect from spam mailing list, the server puts a limit at which the sender’s address should be on the basis of your domain.
If this limit is enabled on your server, select the option “Send all emails from support Department Email Address” and configure “Email address from” option.

Function for sending emails is disabled on the server

Some servers disable standard PHP function to send emails. In this case, when you try to send a message you will see the following error:

In this situation, you need to enable the option “Use SMTP”

Go to your hosting control panel to get SMTP  options for email address or ask hosting support.

Please note: if you installed the Rukovoditel on a local server and want to send notifications, you have to use the SMTP server.

gMail SMTP

Use the following settings to send emails vial gMail SMTP:
SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Encryption: ssl
SMTP Login: your gmail login
SMTP Password: your gmail password

Restrictions on sending mail

Usually web servers have limitations on the number of emails sent per second, hour and day. For example, your server has a limitation of  “not more than 5 emails per second”, and if you create a project and assign more than 5 people, then not all users will receive a notification.

In this case, you need to set the option “Send via Cron” and configure the settings in accordance with the restrictions of your server.

If all the settings are configured correctly and emails are still not coming, check your “spam” folder, maybe the emails for some reason fall into this folder.