In general, the update process is simple, you  have to do:

  1. Overwrite all files.
  2. Run a script to update the database.

But there are still some points that should be discussed in more detail.

1️⃣ Main version and the Extension are related. If you have an Extension installed, you have to update Extension too.

2️⃣ If you have just purchased Extension, but your are using the old version of the app, then before installing the Extension, you have to update app to the latest version.

3️⃣ If you use a very old version of the program, for example, 2.0 and you need to upgrade to latest.

4️⃣ If you are using additional translation then download latest and update language files too.

  1. Download the archive of the current version and replace the files. The archive contains database updates for all versions.
  2. Run database updates from 2.0 to the current version step by step.
Version Main Extension
1.8 /install/autoupdate/from_1.7_to_1.8.php
Note: wait for the response OK for all Entities
1.9 /install/autoupdate/from_1.8_to_1.9.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.4_to_1.5.php
2.0 /install/autoupdate/from_1.9_to_2.0.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.5_to_1.6.php
2.1 /install/autoupdate/from_2.0_to_2.1.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.6_to_1.7.php
2.2 /install/autoupdate/from_2.1_to_2.2.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.7_to_2.2.php
2.3 /install/autoupdate/from_2.2_to_2.3.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.2_to_2.3.php
2.4 /install/autoupdate/from_2.3_to_2.4.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.3_to_2.4.php
2.5 /install/autoupdate/from_2.4_to_2.5.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.4_to_2.5.php
2.6 /install/autoupdate/from_2.5_to_2.6.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.5_to_2.6.php
2.7 /install/autoupdate/from_2.6_to_2.7.php
2.8 /install/autoupdate/from_2.7_to_2.8.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.7_to_2.8.php
2.9 /install/autoupdate/from_2.8_to_2.9.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.8_to_2.9.php
3.0 /install/autoupdate/from_2.9_to_3.0.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_2.9_to_3.0.php
3.1 no db updates /install/ext_autoupdate/from_3.0_to_3.1.php
3.2 /install/autoupdate/from_3.1_to_3.2.php /install/ext_autoupdate/from_3.1_to_3.2.php